Morganza: A Window into the Past


While it’s long gone now, you can still see remnants from I-79, where Cecil Township business park now stands. This land is completely transformed, but it once upon a time was the site of the state’s first juvenile correction institution, called the Pennsylvania Reform School. From the time of its inception in 1876, the school […]

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Catch a Show at Little Lake Theatre

community theater

Little Lake Theatre is one of those prized community organizations that brings so much to our town. For 71 years, the theatre has been a hub for creative expression and has been a product of hard work, dedication, and support from community members since the very beginning. Back in 1949, Edith and Will Disney, mother […]

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Jackson’s Restaurant and Bar


At 1400 Main, we’re fortunate to have elevated dining experiences just a short walk from our apartments. One of our favorite local restaurants continues to impress us with each and every meal, cocktail, and night out. Jackson’s Restaurant and Bar is widely known as a high-quality establishment that’s dedicated to delivering an impeccable culinary experience […]

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